Saturday, November 8, 2008

Korea Air

Waiting at the gate for my flight from SFO to TPE, I caught a glimpse of some Korea Air and (its subsidiary?) Asiana Air hostesses. I suffered a bit of uniform envy mainly due to their headgear. In the search for these photos, I found this poor soul's website. Good for him anyway.

Airline uniform design is perhaps one of the last undefined pockets of fashion to be explored. Can it be pushed farther? In the modernized Western world (please prove me wrong), we have already lost most, if not all, of our formal trade-worker attire. Can this monotonous current ever be reversed? Shouldn't there be anything spicy about people who work in a certain hospital, or the DMV, etc?


Sara said...

Wow! Terrific!
This site isn't as nicely designed as it used to be, but here's where you can see airline meals from around the world (and across time!)

pele said...

Thanks for contributing to the cause. The history of airline food, indeed. I fixed the pictures on this post...What happens when you turn your back on the internet for a moment!