Friday, February 11, 2011

Party with Egyptians

In celebration of Muburak's resignation today, I'm posting this recording from Bulgaria (oddly enough!) in 2005, when about 25 of us American girls of various ethnicity who made up Superdevoiche at the time were backstage with the Varimezovi and an Egyptian ensemble. Their percussion was unstoppable, and after Ivan started jamming with them on his gaida for a while, a bunch of girls went over to dance around them. I caught it on my low-fi minidisc recorder. Basically, wherever they went there was a party around them, even while walking in the parades in Bourgas.

Go Egypt! Peace and prosperity through all your transitions.

This is a photo I snapped with my phone of the women in their group. They danced with the (lit!) candelabras balanced on their heads.