Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remindings from The Serpent and the Rainbow

I'm in the middle of a delightful book, on loan to me. The first pages are accounts of an Amazonian trek, which called to mind my favorite Herzog documentary so far.

The heroine of the film is kin (by marriage and profession) of a unique man, author and naturalist Berndt Heinrich. He mentions his connection to Ms. Köpcke at end of The Snoring Bird. Professor Heinrich is also a mentor of my dear friend Mr. Eiseman, who tells us that Heinrich, an ultra-marathoner, once experimented with long-distance racing while imbibing only beer. This man deserves his own Herzog spotlight.

N-E-way...Serpent and the Rainbow deals with the history and ethnobotany of Haiti. So we must pay homage to other great works inspired by these subjects.


The book seems to prove Attenborough's thesis of "everything is everywhere" - at least in it's discussion of Datura and it's relatives. I'm hoping Mr. Eiseman will soon provide us with an exciting quote on the potency of said plant.

Meanwhile, take a look at this bloke. Henry Wellcome was also into plants, among other things. What a model of man!

Nice catch, EBA!

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